Why it is important to learn to deal with emotions

Handling your emotions in the correct way is very important. When a child is flooded by emotions, he/she often doesn’t feel comfortable. It will become very difficult to achieve goals or overcome adversity. But also for the social interaction it’s very important that a child learns to deal with it.

Emotions BooBoo ReelCopingin involves more than keeping your emotions under control. A child who learns to deal with it, must first learn to recognize and differenciate it.

Especially young children confuse feelings of disappointment, anger and grief. The grip and control of it can in general be very difficult for children. And we see that children with AD (H) D, ODD or autism have more difficulty regulating with it.

Regularly children need help in understanding their own emotions. It can help tremendously when you appoint what feeling you perceive in the child. When a child once can say that he/she is angry or sad and can tell why, it already expresses these feelings.