Handpuppet Susanne

Handpuppet Susanne is a cheerfull girl with big blue eyes and pink ribbons in her red hair. She wears a striped bodywarmer with zipper and a red skirt with elastic waistband. Bodywarmer and skirt can be taken off.

Her pink shoes have red shoelaces that can be used to teach how to tie shoelaces. Handpuppet Susanne has a movable mouth and tongue and movable arms and hands.

Handpuppets are very suitable for use in playgroups, nurseries, schools and special needs. He/she can help to encourage conversational and language skills. A Handpuppet is a real helping aid.

Using your own hands to move the mouth, tongue and hands the Handpuppet comes to life.

Height: 70 cms.

Ref.nr. B126/70 – Hand Puppet Susanne
EAN 8718469880096