LittleStorm 4 Games in One Wooden Box

Four important conversation games for young children to develop their emotions, sensory impresssions, actions and reactions. To encourage the child to talk about their own experience and surroundings.

LittleStorm at Home

LittleStorm is in the kitchen, taking a shower in the bathroom, building in the workshop, relaxing in the living room, eating and getting ready for bed.

LittleStorm out in the World

LittleStorm goes to the doctor, to the town, to the harbour, to the woods, to the playground and to the park.

LittleStorm in all Kinds of Weather

Go outside with LittleStorm when it is rainy, snowy, windy, cloudy and sunny, and stay inside in thundery weather.

LittleStorm Says Hello and Goodbye

Help LittleStorm say hello and goodbye in the kindergarten, when it´s time to move, to the day and to the life itself.

Concrete Thinking:

Children aged 2-6 years find it difficult to understand abstract concepts, including time, death and divorce. At this age, they have no firm perception of time. This means that when a 2-6-year-old says goodbye, he/she does not know how much time will pass until there is a reunion.

The child will also find it difficult to understand that something is permanent. In addition, the child is not yet able to distinguish between the real and the imagined. If exposed to a situation he/she does not understand, the child will tend to create his/her own explanation.

Each game contains six boards. Each board is subdivided into fields. Each player has to find three (3) cards. There are cards about the theme, while the fourth card is about the goal of the game, in which LittleStorm takes part.

Content each game:

24 playing cards
6 playing boards
Game rules 10008 – LittleStorm 4 games in one wooden box

The LittleStorm games address three facts: that 2-6 years olds see the world as fragments, that they need repetition and that their sense of time is still in its infancy.

LittleStorm himself is an inquisitive little character. He is original and acts as a type of mirror, in which children can see themselves.

for young children of 2,5 years and up