4005EN – Return to Calm

Return to Calm (coming soon)

Here is a double-sided wheel to help children,
adolescents and adults deal with anxiety. The front presents 8 anxiety symptoms illustrated by a pictogram, then 8 simple strategies are illustrated on the back to identify a strategy to return to a calm state. Easy to manipulate.
ø 230 mm

How to use it:
The anxious person can identify their symptom on the back of the wheel by turning the white window and identifying what they are currently feeling. They can look at the back of the wheel and select one of the eight strategies suggested to return to a calmer state.

8 symptoms of anxiety

• I can’t concentrate
• I have a headache
• I can’t breathe
• I feel nauseous
• My heart is racing
• I have obsessive thoughts
• I can’t sleep
• I have abdominal pain

8 strategies to return to a calm state

• Say uplifting words
• Be alone
• Plan my schedule
• Take to someone about it
• Visualize
• Exercise
• Comforting object
• Take deep breaths