The Protection Pictogram Kit COVID-19

A magnetic Pictogram kit to help children and adults structure te steps regarding COVID-19.

All essential COVID-19 pictograms are included in this kit. The protection kit contains 70 COVID-19 related pictograms.

This kit is developed in collaboration withday-care educators, teachers, school principas, special educators, doctors and occupational therapists.

Ideal for all children and adults, perfect for home and outings, child care settings, schools and any place where hygiene and social distancing rules are in place.

Available in English, Dutch, Spanish, French and German.

We can also produce it in your language with a minimum of 50 pieces per kit. R4010EN – Protection Kit COVID-19 R4010DE – Das COVID-19 Schutz Kit R4010ES – Edićion Kit Protecćion COVID-19