The round Table wheel

The round table wheel is a 2-sided swivel wheel that helps children to manage conflicts and quickly nd a solution. With 8 conflicts on the front and 8 solutions on the back. Easy to handle. Ø 23 cm. R4002 – The round Table available in Dutch, English and German language. Available NOW!

8 Conflicts

  • They are making fun of me
  • I don’t know how to join in
  • I don’t want to wait
  • No one wants to play with me
  • I disagree
  • I don’t like this activity
  • I don’t understand
  • No one listens to me

8 Solutions

  • Name my expectations
  • Alternate turns
  • Change activity
  • Ask an adult for help
  • Discuss
  • Ignore or move away
  • Take a break to calm down
  • Find a solution together