Time Timer® Dry Erase Board Magnet (new)

New & Improved!

The Time Timer ® Dry Erase Board is now magnetic! Available as a combined unit including a Time Timer ® MOD visual timer in Charcoal Grey or as an accessory to your existing Time Timer MOD. (Please note that the Time Timer MOD must include a silicone case in order to fit in Dry Erase Board properly.) 

The Time Timer Dry Erase Board is an activity and message center for office, home and school. It is perfect for time-sensitive messages, visual schedules, to-do lists and to keep schedules on time.

Ref.nr. JAC5028M – Dry Erase Board Magnet (200 mm x 200 mm)

  • Accessories not included
  • Time Timer® MOD is sold separately

  • Create a visual agenda
  • For team meetings
  • Organize your own Day
  • Create visual schedule for project time
  • Keep time goals in sight
  • Stay on track with steps in a process or experiment
  • Keep routines on track
  • Leave time-sensitive messages for family members.
  • Create visual schedules

Time Timer® MOD

Set Dry Erase Board & Time Timer® MOD

The Time Timer® Dry Erase Board together with your Time Timer® MOD keeps you schedule on time.

The Time Timer MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that’s portable and easy to use anywhere—from your office desk to the kitchen counter. 

Ref.nr. JAC5028SET -Time Timer® MOD + DEB w. magnet

  • Accessories not included