Time Timer iPhone App

Product Details

Time Timer is here to help.  This app is free during the COVID-19 crisis to help create structure for everyone during this time of uncertainty.  Thank you and stay well.

Enjoy stress-free time management with the Time Timer® iPhone App – an award-winning visual timer!

Take advantage of the ability to customize, save and re-use timers with names, colors, alert options, timer scale options and more! 

Additional Details


  • Set by Touch: touch and drag to set a quick-start timer
  • Set with Options: customize and save timers for common routines, or any situation. Options include a “60 Minutes” format, in which the disk is always a fraction of 60 min. and operates like the original Time Timer. Or, a “Custom” mode, where the disk is scaled to any timer duration and can represent any period of time from 1 sec. to 99 hrs. Color and alert options are also available
  • Play Bar: a new tool that visually depicts how many times a timer will play. Synchronized with elapsing time; each bar represents the number of timers that are set to repeat. Allows up to 99 continuous plays for a single timer
  • Horizontal or Vertical Display: view timers in either position, as single timers, in List View, or the 6-Timer screen
  • List View: saved timers are segmented based on whether they are running (Active) or not (Inactive). Able to store up to 99 timers. Left-swipe allows easy access to timer Settings, Play or Close functions
  • Awake Mode: keeps the device from falling asleep when the app is open
  • Continuous Alert: extends the alert when a timer runs out until it is dismissed
  • Alert Icon: turn on/off audible alert while timer is “Active.”
  • Apple TV: push timers to TV monitors or interactive whiteboards using AirPlay