The Time Timer® original line is NEW and IMPROVED

Here are the key updates to the original line:
  • All models will come with a dry erase card which fits in a slot on top of the timer to create time/task management in one location and/or develop a visual schedule.
  • Improved and updated internal componentry to increase reliability and durabiltiy.
  • Redesigned packaging to reduce the use of plastics while also providing SIOC (ships in its own container)(Medium and Large) and better protection for products during transit.
  • All originals include a download code for a FREE Time Timer® Desktop App.

Free Time Timer® Desktop App Download

Includes a free download of the Time Timer® Desktop App.

Included Dry Erase
Activity Card

The Dry Erase Activity Card slots into the top of the timer, allowing you to write or draw the timed activity.
Extra Dry Erase Activity Cards are sold separately.

Increased Visibility

Patented Red Disk is about 15% bigger on each of the Time Timer® Original models.

Clear protective lens on large and medium.

Magnetic and Stand-Alone

Strong magnets allow the Time Timer® Original Medium and Large to be displayed on a markerboard, refrigerator, file cabinet, or any metallic material, but it can also stand alone or hang on the wall.