Set up a workstation at home

Schools are closed around the world and students are required to do their schoolwork at home.
It can be challenging to keep your child’s focus at home.
Help keep them on place by creating a great workspace.

  • Find the right location – choose somewhere without much traffic from other family members and a comfortable spot with a lot of light
  • Stock the homework station with all the supplies they will need. Depending on the age and grade of your child, their needs may be different. We suggest checking with their educators, but here’s a few ideas to start:
  1. Pencils, pens, highlighters, markers and crayons
  2. glue, scissors
  3. Wall calendar
  4. Desk lamp
  5. calculator
  6. books
  7. notebook
  8. computer or tablet if needed
  9. Anything their teacher or school may require

Time Timer®

Use a Time Timer® to help regulate your children’s schoolwork schedule. This can create independence and confidence as they adjust to this new school routine and environment.

Set up a workstation at home

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