Sleeping in, full days that can be spent outside instead of in the classroom, and no pop quizzes, make summer fun for plenty of children. 

However, for other children, especially those with exceptional differences, the loss of dependable routine and lack of daily structure can make the transition from school to summer more difficult than fun.  

If you are a parent whose child struggles with the transition from school to summer, then you are not alone. This blog will share with you some of the best advice and practices for making the transition easier for both kids and parents alike.  

Suggest Daily, Dependable Activities for Your Child to Engage In 

As mentioned above, the total loss of routine and structure can make summer, with its wide-open days, a source of anxiety for kids who prefer predictability to spontaneity.  

School is highly routinized, with several inbuilt aspects, such as class changes, timed lunches and recesses, and other day-in-day-out guarantees.  

It would perhaps be wrong to design with your child a structure as strict as a school day—after all, everyone enjoys a little bit of freedom. But, adding something that your child can look forward to every day can help ease the transition.  

For instance, you may have a daily lunch or dinner with your kid at the same time. Or, you can have a nightly board game with your kid. Having a few guaranteed events throughout the day can allow kids to greatly appreciate, and take advantage of, the freedom that comes with spring break.  

Continue Any After-School Activities That You Can 

Whether your kid is a star athlete on the soccer field or the grandmaster of the chess club, it can be tough for a kid to lose the fun and social interaction of after-school activities.  

Your child may benefit from making an effort to keep the fun going. Reaching out to a few teammates for a weekend ball game at the park can add some excitement to the summer.  

Or, holding a chess tournament throughout the summer can ensure that your child gets to continue enjoying the parts of school that brought the most joy.  

Help Them Make the Most of Their Free Time with a Time Timer Product 

For some students, the unstructured nature of a summer break is not anxiety-inducing because of too little to do, but because there is too much to do.  

Some kids just want to do it all, from drawing in the morning to playing in the park during the afternoon.  

Having them structure their own schedules, and sticking to them so that they can get the most out of the summer, is made easy with our Time Timer products

Whether it is a Time Timer Original timer that you set up in the house for your child, or a Time Timer Watch that they can bring with them on the go, you are sure to find a time-tracking tool for the children who try to cram as much fun as possible into summer break!  

More Great Time Management Products from Time Timer  

Hopefully, you and your family have a great summer vacation!  

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Preparing the Transition from School to Summer

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